Foam & Seat Modifications

The Upholstery Zone will modify your seat, adding quality memory foam, giving you a more comfortable ride and strikingly good looks!

Question: What makes a motorcycle seat unique?
Answer: Comfort and Design

At THE UPHOLSTERY ZONE, we design and create each seat with a unique shape and look that fits the individual customer correctly. As you know, every rider has different needs. Therefore we use different types of densities of foam, custom fitting the foam to the particular design and covering material the customer has specified.

To make this possible, we ask the customer to bring the bike by the shop so we can measure every single angle, making the design fit the intended rider perfectly. If the owner has a dedicated passenger, they can come by and we can measure and fit them to the new seat as well. We can even add a heating element to provide warmth for a more enjoyable cool weather ride.

Stitching, graphics and wild exotic inlays can be added to give a final touch to your dream seat, making it unique and truly one of a kind.